Vet Scheme

We would like to recommend our vet scheme. We hope this will enable you to budget in accordance with you mare’s best possible care from ????? Vets to ensure she returns to you in foal, and as quickly as possible. This optional one-off advance payment would cover the costs of veterinary treatment necessary to get your mare in foal and monitor early pregnancy for up to 3 breeding cycles. The alternative is that you are invoiced per treatment required, which may be more or less than the scheme. 

This scheme allows treatment to be carried out without the worry of mounting costs. Mares often require considerable veterinary treatment to conceive and maintain pregnancy and even if your mare has had no previous problems often unforeseen complications arise. The benefits of this are twofold; it gives us the ability to treat your mare without the constraints of rising costs and affords you peace of mind that the vet’s bill won’t get too high!

Included in this scheme for up to 3 breeding cycles: 

  • Pre-breeding examination and examination of genitalia
  • Endometrial swabs
  • Treatment of endometritis as necessary (wash outs)
  • Hormone injections (prostaglandins, Chorulon)
  • Scans up to heartbeat – ideally at 13, 21, and 28 days
  • Caslicks procedure
  • Nipping of twin if required 

Please note that fees NOT covered include: 

  • Laboratory fees
  • Pregnancy scans beyond heartbeat
  • Attending foaling
  • Regumate
  • Hormone implants (ovuplant)
  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Sedation
  • CEM swabs
  • EVA and EIA blood tests and other outside investigations 

The cost of this scheme is £360 Inc. VAT 

If you wish to take advantage of this scheme, please inform ???? Vets (01665 578728) prior to the mare’s arrival at stud. You can also email our [email protected] 

The fee must be paid in full in advance at the start of veterinary treatment.


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