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TERMS & CONDITIONS. All owners are advised to insure their animals prior to arrival at Stud. Although every care is taken, mares, foals & any equipment are left at the Stud at the owner’s risk. No responsibility can be accepted for accident or disease & mares can only be taken on this understanding. Health requirements for entry to stud All mares must (except mares on foaling heat with a live foal at foot) arrive with a clear CEM swab & a Negative EVA blood, their certificates must accompany them to stud. 

Please note it can take 7 days for a swab result to come through so allow time when organising these tests. Any mare arriving without the relevant certificates will be kept in quarantine until they arrive. All health requirements are as much for your protection as ours. 

Our stallions are EVA tested or vaccinated, cases of EVA and CEM have to be notified to DEFRA. Failure to have stringent controls put you and your mare at risk. Flu and Tetanus Injections All resident horses at the Stud are covered for flu and tetanus. We advise but do not insist that you cover any mares visiting the Stud, as mares are arriving from all over the Country. Mares arriving not vaccinated will have the option of vaccination at the Stud so the resulting foal will be covered. Any boosters can be arranged to be done at Stud. Mares coming for foaling must be fully vaccinated with the 2 nd injections prior to arrival. 

Mares for foaling- Mares returning to Stud for foaling must arrive a minimum of 4 weeks before their due date. (We prefer 6 weeks) This is so that colostrum is of adequate quality to protect the foal. They must be up to date with their flu and tetanus injections Veterinary work and packages All veterinary work at the Stud, unless otherwise stated, will be carried out by ???? Vets. Mares will be billed per treatment by ???? Vets direct to the mare owner. 

All mares on veterinary advice, will be given any medication or treatment which may be necessary for the cycling or fertility of the mare, and if left at the stud after service will be scanned at the appropriate time, In the case of an emergency, if in our professional opinion a vet is required, one will be called at the owner’s expense. Medication or injections will be administered by our staff on veterinary advice. All veterinary accounts must be cleared before the mare leaves the stud. 

Farrier- Any mares arriving with hind shoes will have them removed. A handling charge will be added to the livery account for mares needing the farrier. If a separate farrier receipt is required this must be stated on arrival. Farrier fees are subject to VAT at the current rate. 

Mares arriving by transporters- If you are sending your mare to Stud with a third party please contact the Stud in advance to receive an arrival form which should be filled in and accompany the mare to stud. Please ensure that all equipment or rugs left at the stud is clearly labelled with the mare’s name and owner’s surname in some form of permanent marker 

Stud Fees- For all resident stallions these are on a No Foal Free Return (N.F.F.R.) basis. These terms apply to any mare arriving & taking up a nomination at stud. 

The free return applies to the same mare the following year. Any other arrangements are made at the discretion of the stud. 

A £100 Booking fee is required to secure a nomination. The booking fee will be deducted from the stud fee and is non-refundable unless a veterinary certificate is supplied stating a veterinary 

reason for the nomination not to be taken, the balance of Stud Fees is payable when the mare arrives at stud. 

Service certificates- Service certificates will be issued at the end of the stud season, and will be sent out recorded delivery. For mares leaving the Stud prior to their 40-day scan, service certificates will only be issued on receipt of a positive pregnancy diagnosis form from your vet. Service certificates will be withheld until any outstanding accounts are settled. If lost or damaged duplicate service certificates can be issued at a cost of £25. 

Livery and charges- All Livery Fees and any additional charges are to be paid in full at the end of the mares stay, monthly livery accounts will be issued and can be paid monthly if preferred. Please see our website or price list for the up to date fees. Any outstanding stud or veterinary accounts not settled by 1st September will forfeit issuing of service certificates or eligibility for a free return. In the event that the Fee or any additional sum due under this Agreement remains unpaid for more than three (3) months after they first become due, the Owner agrees that the Yard may sell the Horse, provided that written notice has been given to the Owner (at the address set out at the beginning of this Agreement) of the intention to sell, at least seven (7) days before sale. From the monies received from the sale of the Horse, the Yard may retain such sums as cover of any unpaid sums due under this Agreement and the reasonable costs of sale. Any remaining money shall be returned to the Owner within thirty (30) days of sale. The horse and any equipment may be held by the yard In lieu of any fees owing to the yard & sold in accordance with the above terms. 

Types of payment- Payment can be made by BACS transfer to account no ?????? sort code ??????. 

Cheques to be payable to: Fiddes Racing, Moor End Farm, Littlethorpe, Ripon, HG4 3LU, please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear. Cheques will not be accepted as final payment on the day the mare is leaving the Stud. Banker’s drafts or Building society cheques, as with cash, do not need a clearing time. There will be a £50 charge for any returned cheques for both the stud and ????? Vets. Current charges can be found on our website* I hereby state that I have received/downloaded & read the full Terms Conditions of Fiddes Racing Stud, I agree to abide by them & the above information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge. Signed ………………………………………. Date……………………… Please return to Fiddes Racing, Moor End Farm, Littlethorpe, Ripon, HG4 3LU Tel 077411556666 *www.principleracing.com 

Fiddes Racing, Moor End Farm, Littlethorpe, Ripon, HG4 3LU Tel 077411556666 *www.principleracing.com 

Health requirements for mares at stud 

Updated by the BQM in line with the HBLB codes of practice in accordance with the new HBLB Codes of practice the following health are required for all mares arriving at the stud unless they are arriving for foaling heat (within 5 days of foaling) with a live foal at foot. 

CEM SWAB, this must be for the current Stud season i.e. carried out after 1stJanuary. The swab certificate must accompany them to stud. Mares with a live foal at foot arriving for foaling heat (within 5 days of foaling) with a live foal at foot. do not need a CEM swab. EVA all mares require a negative blood test for EVA prior to arrival at stud, the certificate must accompany the mare to the stud or be sent prior to arrival. 

Mares with a live foal at foot arriving for foaling heat (within 5 days of foaling) with a live foal at foot do not need a EVA test. Mandatory EVA testing has been brought in for 2008 by the BQM in line with the new HBLH codes of practice. EVA is very much a time bomb waiting to happen in this country as more & more horses & semen are imported form countries where it is rife. It is a notifiable disease (like foot & mouth) & if an outbreak occurs the premises will be shut down by DEFRA. Therefore, as you can see testing is for your protection as well as ours & is a very important regulation to have in place. If you sent your mare to stud that did not test & an outbreak occurred through no fault of yours, your mare could be stuck at that stud for months & as no covering would be allowed she would probably not even be in foal at the end of it! As you can see from that point of view the cost of the test is a small price to pay for peace of mind. 

Flu & Tetanus it is strongly recommended that all mares are covered for flu & tetanus. We advise that any mares arriving not injected are started on a primary course as this can be done more cheaply at stud. 

It is important that all mares should be up to date prior to foaling for the foal to receive protection from the mare. 

Worming- We know worm test all mares on arrival and only worm mares that required it, therefore please ensure your worming program is up to date which will reduce the chance that your mare will need worming. 

Please note all of the above are to protect you, your mare & the resulting foal. We offer the highest standards of disease control & we do not believe in cutting corners as the results of doing so are often disastrous. 

Certificates and test results can be faxed directly, our fax number is ??????, please ensure the name on the certificates is the same as the registered name on the mare’s passport otherwise this can cause confusion. If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact Ritchie.


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