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Formed in 2021 to revolutionise the racehorse training & ownership experience

We purchased Newlands Stables, one of the best located and most successful training yards in Upper Lambourn. Our yard has produced 8 individual Group 1 winners and over 1000 winners of flat and jumps races.

Our horses have individual training plans and full access to over 550 acres of outstanding training grounds which are fully maintained by The Jockey Club. With over 8 miles of turf gallops, 7 miles of artificial gallops, and full schooling grounds we have every facility to enable us to train any type of horse to its maximum potential

Twilight Heir Windsor Win

Utilising the Best Modern & Traditional Training Methods

Ensuring the best performance and welfare

Our team utilise a unique mix of modern and traditional training methods to achieve marginal gains to ensure every horse fulfils its potential; utilising a varied and individual training programs combined with regular turnout, treadmill sessions and one-to-one attention.

Every training session is fully monitored using Arineo technology which records speeds, heart rates, stride lengths, recovery rates and stride frequencies to optimise performance and prevent injuries.

Providing the highest levels of professionalism, service, fun & value for money

And the highest levels of welfare & training for your horse

We provide a unique ownership experience, fully involving you in the thrill of owning a racehorse, with regular updates on the training and progression of your horse and great fun days out at the races.

We welcome all types of owners, breeders, and syndicates, we are experienced in helping people to maximise their enjoyment and return on investment. Please get in touch to discuss becoming an owner, part owner or syndicate member.

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Get in touch, we would love to work together 01488 862127
Get in touch, we would love to work together 01488 862127

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